Right For

Right Now

Nooku is decadent, mellow, smooth, and right for right now.

Not every moment needs to be one of indulgence, but when it does…never compromise. Nooku Bourbon Cream adds a little something special to any occasion by combining Old Elk’s award-winning high-malt bourbon and rich, natural dairy cream. A finish so fresh, it won Gold at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Rooted in whiskey.

Finished in dairy.

Nooku is made the old-fashioned way—no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or supplemental spirits. Only the best ingredients, without exception. Starting with our own two-year Old Elk Bourbon and fresh dairy cream, Nooku is crafted to hold a two-year shelf life without requiring refrigeration.

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Gold Award Winner

2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Set To Serve

Beginning with the craft of a hearty bourbon gives Nooku a bourbon forward boldness to be a staple in coffee or a cream cocktail, and the real cream allows enough range to mix or hold its own over ice. With the fresh dairy cream component, many also use Nooku as an ingredient for dessert recipes such as crème brulee, cheesecake, and Tres Leches cake.

Make Any Occasion

Something Special

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How do I find your 100mL cans?

We recommend asking your local retailer. If you find it, get it, because it has limited availability.

What is bourbon cream used for? What’s a good, simple recipe to utilize bourbon cream in?

Think of it like this…anytime you'd add milk or cream, add Nooku for a boozy kick. Coffee is a great place to start with espresso martinis, café amore, maple bourbon, and on and on. But you can also drink outside the box with spiked whipped cream, dialed up chai, tea and boilermaker stout combo...you get the idea.

How is it created?

We start with our award-winning, Old Elk high-malt bourbon and age it for two years in charred oak barrels. Then, we add natural dairy cream from real cows in New York. The result: a decadent bourbon cream that is right for right now.

How is the Bourbon Cream shelf stable? Do I need to refrigerate Nooku after opening?

Nooku is 100% shelf stable for up to two years, although we hear that most people finish the bottle long before then :). Once open, refrigeration helps further extend Nooku’s fresh taste even further.

I’d like to use Nooku for baking. Can it serve as an equal replacement for cream? What adjustment do I need to make for sugar?

Yes, baking with Nooku is one of our favorite ways to indulge! The included sugar can either substitute for baking sugar, or be used to elevate the sweetness of any recipe.

Is your peppermint flavor only available seasonally?

While we find many people enjoy Nooku peppermint in the cold weather, you can find it all year long at your local retailer or on our online bottle shop. Follow us on social (@enjoynooku) for our peppermint cocktail recipes!